Marvin Cole is the President, CEO and founder of Ovamba Solutions, Inc. Ovamba is a “Growth-As-A-Service” technology platform that supports Banks, Investors and Capital Providers deploy capital to help Emerging Markets based SME’s access the capital and resources they need to grow and create employment.

At Ovamba, Mr. Cole brings “best practice” due diligence and deal structuring to the Ovamba platform. He oversees underwriting, pricing, and analysis teams, and directs collaborative partnerships with banks and institutional investors.

Mr. Cole is a McKinsey & Company alum where he worked as a consultant in their Johannesburg branch. Prior to McKinsey, He was the co-founder of Praxis Asset Management and Praxis Management Advisors, boutique investment management consultancy firms that focused on emerging markets. He has served as an M&A consulting advisor with Deloitte. At Deloitte Mr. Cole also designed credit card business processes and pre-payment methodologies for emerging market merchants and the non-traditionally banked.

Clients have relied upon Mr. Cole to take the lead on many successful projects: corporate divestiture projects that resulted in the successful sale of these entities to private equity firms, the restructuring of a $1 billion REITS, advising on ForEx hedging and trading, leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations in Brazil, United States, Southern Africa and Northern China, and the growth acquisition of ebusinesses in emerging markets by US firms. He has also served as consultant to a $55 billion US credit issuer on the outsourcing of the servicing of its $5 billion special loan portfolio.

Mr. Cole has an MBA from Florida A&M University. He is also a co-author of a number of publications: The rise of the African Consumer - Mckinsey's Africa Consumer Insight Center; and China, Africa, and the African Diaspora: Perspectives from the Diaspora.

Marvin Cole lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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