Rekha has been working in the Banking and Financial Services space for close to 24 years. She is based out of Washington DC and is the CEO and Director of Sumeru Enterprise Tiger (Enterprise TigerTM), a Fintech start up. Prior to founding Enterprise Tiger, Rekha was a Vice President with Citi Group. She has also worked with Bank of America and Arthur Andersen. During her long stint in the Banking industry Rekha has worked in Retail, Wholesale and Investment banking verticals. She has been a Relationship Manager, set up Credit and Risk departments, worked in Compliance, Operations and Audit functions.

As an end user of technology herself, she always felt there was a gap between what an end user needs and what banking technology provides. This gap has widened even further with all the innovation happening in the consumer technology space. The way the end customer of a bank uses technology, is not the same as ten years ago. It’s therefore a matter of time that this will disrupt the way banking is done globally.

Enterprise Tiger has evolved from this need Rekha has personally experienced as a Banker. Enterprise Tiger is suite of products that helps Banks and Financial institutions digitize easily, at the right price and without changing their core systems. It brings the dynamism of digital consumer technology to the enterprise software space, enabling Banks to engage with their customer, employees and channels in a Mobile, Nimble and Secure manner, directly improving the top and bottom line.

Enterprise Tiger started operations in April 2016. In this short span, they have closed deals worth $ 2.7 Mn across 3 geographies. Acquired reputed clients like American Express, Development Bank of Singapore, Volkswagen Finance, One of the largest public-sector banks in India, Flow Telecom erstwhile Cable & Wireless, etc.

Enterprise Tiger is bullish about the African market and has partner’s in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya to take its Fintech solution to market.

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